I love teaching

Next workshop:

Tara Flow Retreat (Object Manipulation Week)

March 5-12 in the Canary Islands. Click here!

My goal when I teach isn’t just for people to learn how to do what I do or what we did in the workshop. My desire is to activate and encourage our own intuition, a trust in what feels vibrant, joyful and satisfying from within our own body. So I tend to teach technique, but rapidly bring attention to the principles behind it rather than the form itself, allowing us to discover what shape they take for us. 

I highly value listening to and following our own inner teacher, because in my experience, it just happens to be what works best. Our core is actually smart! Following it feels satisfying and meaningful, sure, but it’s also surprisingly efficient: for starters it fills our art with what we care about most, with the deepest beauty we can muster. But it even naturally guides us to the right posture and movement, the right practices and practice schedules, among many other practical things, in ways which we generally only understand years later and go “oooh that’s why it was a good idea!”

Still, I have a deep love for techniques, even if I now see them more as doorways than goals. So here’s a broad idea of some that I teach.

  • Juggling and object manipulation (1-6 balls contact juggling body rolls and manipulation, hoop, baton and buugeng (S-staff) manipulation, toss juggling basics)
  • Organic movement: basically, learning to sit down, lie down, get up, walk, run, jump and strike, in a healthy, efficient, whole-body, homogenous way (based on martial arts, tree climbing and years of carefully passing under electric cow-fences while taking walks in Switzerland)
  • Dance: exercises to learn to fill every part and layer of the body with any energy or expression, and improvisation exercises for physical and emotional well-being and/or performances
  • Linking movement, dance or juggling technique to deeper principles
  • Meditation (ie simply being what we are)

I’m open to any teaching opportunity, from teaching  the basics of juggling to kids to exploring the link between meditation and movement with professionals, and anything in between. If you’re interested, please contact me and let’s figure something out which is adapted to your situation and demands.