Love is the absence of separation. Love and oneness are what guide the way when we come to face events like Joseph’s departure.

In December 2021, he was in the volcanic islands of the Canaries, on tour for a juggling show. A few days before the show, in the midst of exploring Mother Nature, he went swimming in the ocean and his adventure turned out longer than expected.

It’s no end, it’s a continuum: his path goes on, as well as his passion for meditation, exploration, and the present moment. We’re keeping his website, he’s still with us, and it’s still so cool to check him out.

is a collection of all the things of value I can offer, interconnected into an extremely flexible, adaptable “show” designed to be performable under all circumstances (covid, war, the end of Time, etc.)

 It’s a system of interchangeable pieces which I can adaptively compose with to best serve the situation. These pieces span from classic 5-minute juggling acts, to longer half-improvised dance-y juggle-y pieces, to a song, to ambient performances without beginning or end, and so on… All adaptations are imaginable, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your needs!

My intention when performing isn’t ever to display a pre-made product, but to create concrete transformation at the time and place of the performance. I love to perceive and make visible the innate beauty of existence. To help make the universe more conscious, and more at peace with itself, is my deepest desire.