Working Closer to Sensations

In this 1-3 hour workshop, we learn to pay closer attention to our technique and the sensations it evokes. Through this we discover possibilities for deeper satisfaction and cleaner results from our technical training, all the while enhancing presence and enjoyment on stage.

Object Manipulation, Movement and Existence

In this 1 to 366 day workshop, we might:

  • Explore the fundamentals of graphic object manipulation and apply them irresponsibly to any object (ball, stick, chair, car, dust, the city of Berlin, etc)
  • Come closer to our sensory moment-to-moment experience
  • Widen the scope of what we deem worthy of fascination
  • Explore our human bodies: mechanical notions of precision, minimal effort, control,… and less mechanical (but still physical) notions of receptivity, curiosity, authenticity,…
  • Find great enjoyment in correctly acquiring technique
  • Find great enjoyment in throwing it out the window
  • Drink water slowly
  • Learn how to make a shoe fly
  • Notice our existence